Funny dog

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A man was in a butcher’s shop getting some sausage rolls. In comes a dog, puts his paws up against the glass case and buys two lamb chops. The man is so astonished that he leaves his own purchase behind, rushes out, and follows the dog to a bus stop. When the dog gets on and pays with the correct money, the man jumps on too. The dog sits at the back of the bus until his stop when he comes forward and presses the automatic doors. The man follows him to a house where the dog smacks himself up against the door, presses the bell with his nose and scratches his paws against the window. Finally a woman comes to the door, takes the packet of chops and lets the dog in. The man is so impressed he goes up to her and says, “Your dog’s a genius!” “No he’s not,” she replies, “that’s the second time this week he’s forgotten his key.”

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