Give me a Sign

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Drip, drop, the steady pattern of rains own melody falls from God’s heaven

I raise my head to see the rain fall upon the earth and fill the earth with revived life

The scent of rain brings fallen sorrows

I sense my eyes give way to steams of tears from which I cannot stop

The steady rain falls upon my heart; drowning out all my emotions and leaving nothing but scars

I can hear the thunder above me

I fall to my knees when the lighting strikes my mind with illusions of what I once had

I can’t help but think about what I’m missing…

I crave loves embrace

I crave loves warmth

I crave loves shelter that gives me protection

I feel his hand touch my cheeks and brush away my tears

His touch gives me happiness that I can never find within myself

His arms seek for me to come

His eyes search mine for the love I have for him

He asks me “Do you still love me”?

I’m all out of breath

My walls are closing in

Days go by

Give me a sign……..

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