Love is Lonely

I Escaped

I Escaped
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I cannot take this no more
The lies the pain the thought of myself
I just want to hide deep inside myself
where nobody will look

All the fairy tales say once upon time~
Deep down inside there I was confused
Never wanted to come out
Inside my wall I put up years ago
and no one noticed I escaped

No one gets me
they say I’m still here but how can they know
when all they see’s my body never inside my soul

Nothings wrong~ if you don’t ask
I may look happy during the day
but I cry myself to sleep at night
No one knows no one cares
My body’s still here but I ran off a long time ago
with my soul and my heart

Please just look and you will see what’s left of me
Look deep into my eyes past the hope that I once had past the hurt
and look deep deep inside and you will see I left,
because what was once inside is empty

Can’t you see??

I escaped.