I’m sorry I will be happy

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Im sorry I’m being so depressed.

I’ll try to pick myself up.

I’m just going through some stuff.

Im sorry.

Thank you to the people who care.

Thank you Faye.

Thank you Min Min.

Thank you No Name Girl.

Thank you everyone.

Im sorry. I will be happy.


To the people who made me sad.

Thank you for inspiring all of these,

And please, be careful of what you say.

Im sorry.

4 thoughts on “I’m sorry I will be happy”

  1. I feel like that once before. Sometimes i fell like i ruined everything, and i always helped my friends problems, but not with mine. And back then, i always think that if I die, i would deserve it. But that was back THEN. Now I’m finding my way.

    If you feel like you ruined everything, i don’t think you ruined everything. It’s just the way of life how everything seems to be your fault. But if you’re going to kill yourself, think twice suicide isn’t going to take the pain away. Pluse, you can’t turn back…

      1. It’s really nice to know because that way, you won’t feel so alone. Thinking about your death isn’t really the case. Just live freely because you only have “one” life. As so people say it. Even life is hard, you have to remember that whatever your religion you came from, your creator loves you.

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