So Many Sad People!

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There are too many sad poems on here!

They are beautiful and dangerous!

I love to read them, but they make me want to cry!

My life’s purpose is to make people smile!

There are too many sad people!

I need helpers!

The only helpers I can find are all sad too:(

I realize that my life’s purpose is ridiculous and that there will always be sad people,

But a girl can dream right?

I also am aware that this technically can be considered as NOT a poem.

But I think it still needs to be said.

In that light,

I hope this poem makes some people smile.

You’re probably wondering what’s going to make you smile.

Well, I’ll tell you….


(There did you smile? or grin? or scoff? Seriously, I would take a scoff.)

12 thoughts on “So Many Sad People!”

  1. Sorry for gathering so many sad people here. Good news is that I am NOT sad and I was sad before but no more and I’m proud of that. I only smile more when there’s potato.

  2. lol yea lol i love you just yell random things and nellie even when im sad u always seem to make me smile :) thanks for being such a great friend and i always just wanted to say that u r such a great friend to have. i go through so much but your always there for me and you were the only person i could trust to come with me to see my brothers secretly. you have always been there for me and i hope you always are. me and u have been through so much even bad stuff but we always get through it. so i just wanted to say thanks for being such a great friend and for always being there for me :)

  3. Well, it does say: Loveisloney. I guess that is what drag so many people here. Well, at least I’m not sad, but i do have a past that i don’t like, and I’m ashamed of it for people not liking me and my being hated by others, and i think i still am now because I can sometimes hear people saying things behind my back, but i’m not going to let them pull me down. Besides, i have my family to love me! ^^

  4. Yes, if it’s Loveishappy then people here are happier but we wouldn’t have met, and frankly, not many Googlers google Loveishappy because happy people don’t need to be happier and I hope you’re happier when you eventually found Loveislonely!

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