Love is Lonely

I only have one love

I only have one love
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Her eyes blaze an inferno of thought.

Her light colored hair falls into her eyes like the darkest blanket of night

She smiles so brilliantly when she cries; her laughter so painful to watch.

My best friend; my worst enemy.

She is consistent and erratic; confused and confident.

Soft and harsh; cold and inviting.

Shy and bold, distracted and distracting

focused and deranged

Taken and available.

She is my evening whore, my morning lady.

I can see her; she is so far away.

I have made love to her a thousand times; I have never met her.

She is everything I’ve wanted; she is all the things I most despise.

She is the one I fall for the first moment I see her, the one with all the power in the world over me.

I only have one love, and she wears so many faces.

The women I’ve known and never known.

I only have one love, she’s everywhere I look.

I only have one love; the women I know and the ones I never meet.