I only have one love

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Her eyes blaze an inferno of thought.

Her light colored hair falls into her eyes like the darkest blanket of night

She smiles so brilliantly when she cries; her laughter so painful to watch.

My best friend; my worst enemy.

She is consistent and erratic; confused and confident.

Soft and harsh; cold and inviting.

Shy and bold, distracted and distracting

focused and deranged

Taken and available.

She is my evening whore, my morning lady.

I can see her; she is so far away.

I have made love to her a thousand times; I have never met her.

She is everything I’ve wanted; she is all the things I most despise.

She is the one I fall for the first moment I see her, the one with all the power in the world over me.

I only have one love, and she wears so many faces.

The women I’ve known and never known.

I only have one love, she’s everywhere I look.

I only have one love; the women I know and the ones I never meet.

6 thoughts on “I only have one love”

  1. Hm, his poems are not easy to comment on because not only different people interpret his same poem differently but also the same person sees more than one façade from his one poem.

    We only read his one poem, and it has so many façades,
    the poem we’ve thought we could comment on but never done.

    This poem is an appropriate comment itself.

  2. do you think a person can love more than one people im just asking because i am wondering how some people can love more than one;i cant.ur poem is wonderful

    1. I suppose in hindsight, this poem may come off as a “I’m Don Juan” sort of message. I assure you all first that I’m talking about emotional love, not physical love. To answer Jazz:
      When I was younger, I believed that there was “The one” person out there for me. As I’ve grown, I’ve found that I don’t believe that anymore. Love is such a wonderful thing, why would we want to limit our love to just one person? I love almost every person I’ve met, and fell in love with almost every women I’ve met. 99% of them didn’t notice. Sitting in a bar, I heard a woman laugh without restraint at a joke, and I fell in love. I paid for my drink and left. I was at the grocery store buying milk, and I heard a mother explain to her son why it wasn’t ok to bite other children. I couldn’t see them, they were in another aisle. She explained to him, she didn’t yell at him. She made sure he understood, and then it was over. And I fell in love with her in those moments. I have no idea who she is. I never saw her.

      I have loved in a relationship, and yes, like all of us I’ve lost love in a relationship. I have been faithful and honest, and still found that I loved other women. I do nothing to explore those feelings, I do nothing to interfere with my relationships.

      My true, “one love”, is my best friend. She has made it clear that she loves me, and I her. And that is as far as that will ever go. Being in love, and being loved. What greater gift is there to give? I’ll not trade that for a physical love, which could never compare to what we already have. When I say I love every woman I’ve met, and every woman I haven’t met, I am sincere. I love them from a distance, admire and respect them from afar. Outside of my poetry, I keep it to myself. But you can all know that out in the world somewhere, there is someone who loves you. Loves you for the things you take for granted about yourself. I notice you, I see you at your best. I want you to be happy and get what you deserve. And I know that ultimately, by keeping silent and walking away, I’ve gotten you at least one step closer.

  3. The “love” Jazz talks about is different from the one Wachinagi does. To discuss about this subject, we’ll have to define the “love” first, which is unnecessary :-)

    Each individual’s view is shaped by what influences him and his experiences. When I was younger, I also believed in “one true love”, but not any more.

    I’m sorry Jazz. Don’t you find any problem of “one true love”? — It’s a bit extreme. It’s an ideal we try to create. We created the ideal, but it’s not true. If our hearts and minds can be broader and can contain more, there will be much less unnecessary depression, and there will be much less jealousy. There will be more peace, more happiness and healthy.

    I believe in universal love. Physical “love” is not love. It’s just physical needs. We have needs; that’s it. But we don’t need to name them “love”. We’re all programmed. Experiences told me the ideal was not the truth. I’m sorry.

  4. I love this poem! It reminds me of the relationship I have with my boyfriend, sometimes it is great sometimes it is not! But at the end of the day we have each other and we understand every relationship has ups and downs!

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