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Spoken lies he preaches beneath the truth.

Written truth burned before my eyes.

A thousand encrypted scars lie within me.

Thousand shards of glass shatter.

He tells me he can’t stop loving me.

He tells me he’s ‘too obsessed with me.

He tells me he only wanted to date her to make me jealous.

Is it the truth?

Does he have any remorse against these stupid lies he comes up with?

I was weak and told him the same and I meant every word now I’m slapped with sorrow once again because he told me he still loves me and I can’t grhtml reality anymore.

I’m weakened by these fake people who call themselves my “friends.”

Why can’t I just let it be?

Why do I even care if they like me or hate me?

If they tell me lie after lie?

Why can’t God gift me with protection against the devil himself?

I need someone and no one to tell me they’re here to protect me; they’re here to tell me I should die.

Wtf should I think when I feel so angry that I can’t see past their lies and save myself from betrayal?

Why is it that I need him?

When he deserves nothing!

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