Love is Lonely


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I imagine the future
It is just a thought
When will I see you again?
Or is there just sadness brought

I just think of stuff
That could of happened or never had
Just thinking about all this stuff
Makes me feel really sad

I thought someday you’d actually like me
But gosh was I so dumb
I always thought every day
When will that someday come?

I’ve waited and waited
Each and everyday
But everytime I looked at you
You just looked away

Everytime I tried to talk to you
You would just ignore
I thought we were good friends
So what did you do that for?

But then I realized since you found out
I really loved you so
You seemed like you hated it
And you wished you didn’t know

I felt so stupid right then
And I felt very num
For right then I realized
That someday would never come