They say

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They say,
“You will never forget the words
if it’s the only song you listen to.”
I will never forget the smile
of that only girl Im into
“If you cannot draw a straight line
then you will never be an artist.”
If I cannot make a first impression
then how do I start this?
They say,
“You will always be starving
if you’ve only had a taste.”
So I better make my move
along this path well traced
“If you’re only playing a game
then you will always hit and miss.”
But nothing keeps me playing
like that first kiss
And they say,
“A prism is never as great
as the light it’s bending.”
So maybe you will join me
in this perfect ending.

9 thoughts on “They say”

  1. i really like this poem. it was very nice. i really enjoy reading the poems of other taleneted people. Im a poet myself and i think your poem is wonderful. keep writting great poems.

  2. You are a great poetry writer..I’ve loved all the poems I’ve read of yours………….be proud!!!!!!! As tony the tiger says….You're great(well actually he says it's great) but so what!LOL

  3. well done on all of your poems, you write very well and amazing, your words is amazingly good and i liked all of your work.keep on writing and i hope to see more of your poems soon

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