Past Life Regression

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Sit in the chair and just relax.
Remain real still and close your eyes.
Imagine my voice is playing the sax.
My words are music through joyous cries.

I’ll take you back to years gone past.
Past life regression is the only way.
For life it seems is way too fast.
And it brought you to me this very day.

Are those thoughts real, you ask yourself.
Are these thoughts mine, you ponder now.
The words are spoken with much regret.
For lives gone lost, to learn not how.

My voice is soothing, my voice is strong.
My voice is speaking, an inner song.
A song once spoken, a song that rhymes.
Within my head, most every time.

When you ask yourself, once all is done.
Did I learn a lesson, to dream not one.
Move onward to, the next big choice.
A silent song, an inner voice.

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