Would You Be So Kind?

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I know this seems like a lot to ask, but would you be so kind as to inspire me?
Place beauty in my mind from the beauty of your heart.
From the beauty of your red hair,
The freckles on your face that remind me of the heavens
And when I kiss your cheek, it’s like kissing the night sky.
Dear girl,
Gorgeous stranger girl
Would you care to inspire me?
Inspire me to write, paint, draw, create
With the beauty that lies within your eyes-
The gateway to your sweet soul,
Sweet girl.
Time has passed between us, but yet there is something I need.
Will you take me to the place of your beauty?
Take me to a place where ideas of evanescent smoke turn to crystals.
A place where emotions fall like rain,
And creative stimulation strikes in flashes of lightning.
Sweet, beautiful stranger girl,
I know this is a lot to ask,
But would you be so kind as to inspire me?

One thought on “Would You Be So Kind?”

  1. I think if that stranger girl reads this poem I am pretty she would fulfill all your wishes … why not? Your poem will make her do so … You got an excellent writing skills … especially the way you mend your sentences into beautiful expressions … I thoroughly enjoyed reading your poem … thanks for sharing and keep up the great work … I hope to see more such beautiful poems :)

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