Miss you daddy

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It was so sudden when you left us

You haven’t yet been able to meet the man whom I will be with

Who will lead me at the aisle?

How are you going to see my children?

Why you left us so early?

I miss you daddy…

I already miss your smile and laughter

We are all trying to be strong for mommy

And it is really hard keeping this sadness

We long for your guidance

We long for your jokes

We long for your simple ways of loving us

Yes, there are times that we have some misunderstanding,

but I know you are just leading us to have a better life

And I do miss even our arguments

I also miss the way you build my confidence

I miss you daddy…

But I know you are with our Creator and finally you are home

I know you are happy

I love you daddy

I miss you…

One thought on “Miss you daddy”

  1. It really take brave heart to live with that beautiful memories and cherished moments once we had with that great person who had taught us literally everything in life, the first man with whom we fell in love with and that emotional bond which cannot be expressed by words. But one day every one of us has to leave this amazing world to reach our creator, the best thing will be cherish him forever and try to live the best life which he had always wished for us. Thanks a lot for sharing the beautiful poem.

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