Who are you

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I know you.

you’re beautiful.

everything is right.

then, i screw up.

time passes by and you change.

I understand I’m the reason why.

but now i look at you.

a year later,

and your different.

your heart needed time to rest.

your back to someone i once knew.

but the sad thing is, it didn’t exactly change.

your hearts still hurt.

your eyes aren’t dry.

and your smile is still fake.

i guess time didn’t change you; it just gave you some time to hide everything inside.


One thought on “Who are you”

  1. Sometimes people feel hiding is the best thing to do when we don’t want someone to see the sufferings we are going through. But it is actually the best thing one can do, when we learn to hide our pain, there comes a day when gradually the pain vanishes but still memories remain afresh which cannot be erased even though we master to hide feelings.

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