Why me…….???????

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i saw somewhere these words
love is heaven..but it hurts like hell..
very true..a beautiful reality
and thats myself is all about..
i don’t even know whats happening to me
why i got such a punishment
coz i always prayed for my loved ones ?
coz i never wanted to see anyone suffering ?
or b’coz i showed justice to myself
i’m walking alone unknowingly
whats there at the very end of this path..
there are so much pain in all these ways
but i am not getting hurt..i’m not feeling the pain
darkness everywhere..but Im not afraid..
i don’t know ..sometimes it hurts so badly..
sometimes i’m aware of myself..
holding all my pains inside my small heart
its getting heavier…sometimes it bursts
as tears..as screams..as pain..
..can anyone tell me why..why this to me?
good god..i haven’t hurt anyone knowingly..
and i don’t know if unknowingly..
but why did you play with my life..
i have always bowed in front of you for the whole world
with my trembling lips
with tears in my eyes
with pain in my throat
and this was your blessing in return..
don’t know what fate is going to play with me
but i am never gonna give up..
will pray to you as i always did..
will pray for this world..
will pray for my love..
you will have to listen..
and if not, i will come to you
and will raise my head and ask you
why me…??????????

3 thoughts on “Why me…….???????”

  1. Goose bump … blieve it or not I had goose bumps..not because of the feelings in your wordings but I actually felt me in those wordings… I don’t know whether you actually went thorugh this or not… but As I am one.. I know how it feels as I am still feeling it…

  2. how could you doubt if i have went through these …how can someone write from imagination…each and every word is my pain..it killss..i thought somehow i should let myself burst out else i would die…thats y m writing in this page…

  3. :( Sad but need to tell you…EXCELLENT writing anitta. Your wordings were so strong and true that it made me think of myself and I need to tell you one thing not everyone in this world gets everything what they want… I hope and pray at-least you should get whatever you wished for.

    If we don’t get what we want…we suffer…if we get what we don’t want…we suffer…even when we get exactly what we want…we still suffer because we can’t hold on to it forever…

    And my dear friend I apologize if your your feelings were hurt-ed. I hope one day I would get to read some wonderful lines again from you… but I want to smile after reading your lines and no goose bumps again ;) take care!

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