The human race

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Why do we hurt each other?
Are we bound to do it?
I’ll show you what has happened…
Throughout history…
There was War…
For Beliefs…
For Nationalism…
For Politics…
What has it brought us?
The Slaughter of millions…
Ever-lasting hatred…
More problems that keep stacking up…
Peace was considered too slow and inefficient,
But War brought more suffering than thought possible…
Did we do it for the Lord?
To create a New World Order?
To control others’ will?

Those who kill in the name of God…
Use all methods necessary
To glorify the acts of cruelty.
To their believers…
These people are “heroes”,
But at what cost?

Those who kill in the name of purity…
Exterminate all traces of the “vermin”.
But those “leaders” of the extermination
Are only as justified as they force others to believe them to be…

Those who wish to gain political influence,
Like the Argentinean Generals,
Will point guns at their own people’s mouths…
Just to silence them.

Robert F. Kennedy said,
But we can perhaps remember,
if only for a time,
that those who live with us are our brothers,
and surely we can begin to work a little harder
to bind up the wounds among us
and to become in our own hearts
brothers and countrymen once again.

In the end,
There are no
“True Believers”,
No “Non-Believers”,
No “Jews”,
No “Aryans”,
No “Blacks”,
No “Whites”,
No …
There is only one race for us:
What is it?
What could it be?
It is…
The Human Race.

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