The Tree has Heard…

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The tree has seen my many forms, And questions,

And heard the people,

Who answered.


It has seen the me who was a child.

And heard me ask do they see me?

And heard my mom answer,

I see you!


It has seen the half teen me.

And heard me ask do they value me?

And heard my friend answer,

I value you!


It has seen the teen me.

And heard me ask do they need me?

And heard the boy answer ,

I need you!


And now it sees the almost woman me.

And hears me ask why I need them,

to see me,

to value me?

And the tree answers,

With silence.


Allowing my Self to answer me.

I’ve been trying to get to you,

But the mom, friend, and boy

Were there to shield you.


It is because you haven’t learned to love me,

your Self.

One thought on “The Tree has Heard…”

  1. Very nicely written :) . Learn to love yourself and we wont feel lonely anymore. Trust me it works. Even if there are number of people to protect us to shield us … it would be of no use if we don’t start loving our own self. It always makes me feel good when someone care for us love us.. but it make us feel more GOOD when we start loving the ME in you :)

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