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Express yourself with poems, publish them on one of the best poetry sites, share with your friends and make friends through poetry. is a non-profit poetry community to bring poetry lovers together, as part of our contribution to the world.

4 thoughts on “Contact Us”

  1. I’m 20 years old from Johannesburg and i have a passion for poetry. I’ve been writing for at least seven years now and I’m really looking forward to taking my talent to the next level. I haven’t registered with anyone as yet. I’m looking for an expert opinion on whether or not i could have my poems published on a site and eventually be recognized in order to pursue my talents full potential.

  2. Dear Sweet Minmin

    Thanks for your response! people have indeed commented on my poems, but couple of them, if it is going to harm your site by removing them, then its okay you can keep them. I am writing fresh for my website, so its okay *:) happy

    Just don’t remove my account I will keep in touch with friends over there, thanks!!


    Arshad Amin

  3. Friend, I was wondering about plagiarism rights. I realize none of the work may be copyrighted, but the only thing that’s stopped me from posting on sites like Facebook or Tumblr is the sole fact that some kid on there will steal it and lay claim to the poems I’ve put my heart into.

  4. Hi I don’t have many things in my life to be proud of but I’ve found a few of my poems I’m very much proud of and I’m looking for a way to share them so they won’t just get lost the possibility to have them published one day would be a dream but one I don’t really count on I am unable to register on your site so I may share the few proud ones I have with a listen audience

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