Apocalypse of the Heart

Apocalypse of the Heart 3.00/5 (60.00%) 1 vote

It’s that time that we all fear
The Apocalypse is now drawing near
Please my love come with me on a ride
Please my love run away with me and we shall hide
The end of our world has just begun
Our universe like a thread has become undone
Let us not ever forget our past
Let us survive on in the ashes of aftermath
While our world is consumed by war
Rivers, valleys, forests, dried up and burned they are no more
So my love stay close, come and follow
So my love, we escape to a better tomorrow
Together hand in hand we embrace the coming dawn
For us to be free from being the devils pawn
The world is covered in a foggy blanket of death
The world is to suffocate, to gasp its last breath
Oh my love don’t fly into this gravity
Hold on to me, and keep our dying sanity
It’s true that this will leave us scarred
I know, our world, our life is tattered and marred
That dark deadly light that blinded and shone
Minds exposed, we to ever live in the Radioactive zone
Our withered bodies breakable as sandcastle
Our hearts will shatter and crack, they are so fragile
My love try to ignore this most painful fright
Together escape to the promising shadows of night
So please let us share our love and let try to pretend
As if we really do not know,
That this our most tragic end

Spark in the Dark

Spark in the Dark 4.00/5 (80.00%) 1 vote

Just take a knife, just stab and twist
Please, please do it, it would be less pain than this
I’d rather take a drug a shot or a pill
I’ll take anything now, as long as it’ll kill
My hearts gotten so dark and now it’s a stone
no more loving, I just want to be alone
This demented darkness is where I now reside
There’s no escaping it, there’s nowhere to hide
I trusted you with everything and it turned out like this
You pushed me over the edge, now I’ve fallen into the abyss
A place that is dark, so desolate and cold
There’s nothing here but ashes of my memories to hold
Memories that used to be joyous, filed with light
Now come with the darkness, tears, and the fright
My trust has died, my will has fled
This has hurt me more, than you could ever comprehend
You’ve filled me with this poison, like a deadly adder
I wish I could forget, act like it doesn’t matter
Forget and be free of this state
I cannot accept this as my fate
When I encourage myself to stand proud and tall
Your twisted demons surround me and make me fall
deeper and deeper into this tragedy
I struggle to grab on to the last piece of my sanity
I continue to rise and climb up to get away from here
To the promising light beckons me near
I’m climbing up and out of this dark pit
There is a spark keeping the candle of hope lit
The light is shining down, like a hand stretched to me
I grab a hold and it sets me free
I bathe in the light with a lingering shadow
I will walk into the promise of a new tomorrow.

Take the Bullets Away

Take the Bullets Away 5.00/5 (100.00%) 2 votes

Sadness in those brown eyes

Brimming tears run down her cheeks

Stain another page

Clinging on another disappointment

She can’t let it go.

Feels to much like home

No one there to pull her out

No one to care

No one to love her

No one to save her







Sea of Stones

Sea of Stones 3.60/5 (72.00%) 5 votes

Into the blue she tossed a stone

And watched it as it sank.

Helplessly the stone descended

Without a sign of struggle.


Engulfed by the deep

The small stone quickly faded.

And was to be forgotten,

Within a matter of her time.


All day she sat

And tossed small stones.

One by one,

They sank just as the first had done.


As evening came there she still sat

On the edge of the rock, tossing stones.

So many had passed her,

Sitting on the rock,

But no one saw her plea.


Through the stones

She cried for help,

As she tossed them out to sea.

Every one, a reminder of herself,

Helpless and drowning alone.


When everyone had left,

She stood tall one last time.

No more stones were left to throw,

Only herself remained.

And she didn’t shed a tear

As she tossed herself into the blue.


Now she lies with those sunken stones,

Unable to ever be retrieved.

Heart of Mine

Heart of Mine 4.22/5 (84.44%) 9 votes

Why won’t you let me fall in love .
Oh heart of mine
Why don’t you trust ,
Why don’t you believe ,
That some one’s there for all of us.
Damn can’t you see,
I’m Tired of the fun and games
That sinful joy we get from lust.
They’re not just tears
It’s more like pain,
That starts within
Eyes bleed when it rains.
And my biggest fear
You’ll Hurt me , hurt me
You know I’ll never strike back
Jump, and dance to the beat
Of the music I cant hear
Stop the commotion
Show me another emotion
Cause it’s never to late
To let go of the hate
I want the long nights of talking
The topics worth remembering
Dates and anniversaries
What I’m tryna say
Damn can’t you see
Oh greedy me
I want it all.
Oh heart of mine
Why can’t I fall in love.

Sole Dancer

Sole Dancer 4.00/5 (80.00%) 8 votes

I escape from myself to hide into you
I long for the freedom behind your bars
I cry for the tears of your sweet laughter
I steal beyond your generous giving
With every forgiveness I seek guiltiness
For every pain there must be a relief
When tranquility accompanies fear
Each sunrise shall be the end of a dream

For the time being what’s present is absent
Once our love was rigid now it’s elastic
Shadows appear shallowly like passing clouds
Pain screams loudly like dogs of hound

When you don’t read
My writings find no need
When you don’t listen
My letters gain no addition
When you don’t answer
I stand a lonely dancer

A shattered puzzle of thousand pieces
A well-made project without a thesis
Our lives has become a meaningless mess
We’re breathing air as a duty no more nor less
We’re using the boards we bought today
To surf on the waves coming from yesterday

When the past overtakes the moment
There must be an unfinished content
Take my hand and drag me into nowhere
To the moment we used to find love everywhere
To hear people whispering wish we are him and her
We won’t turn the page let’s write a new book
We’d keep the old style but change the look
Shall we get ourselves free again without a hook?

This raging war must find an end with a truce
I’m surrendering and taking back my troops
Lies never were meant to last against truths
My words are my truth
My feelings are my troops
You’re presence is my sole truce. . .

I Will…

I Will… 3.50/5 (70.00%) 2 votes

I will write for you my love
I will write my heart out for you
Word so true
Straight from a bleeding heart
Blood fuelling my pen.

I will sing for you my love
I will sing my heart out for you
Lyrics unsung
Straight from a beating heart
Rhythm to my song

I will die for you my love
I will die the death of no fear
For life is meaningless
Without You
For your love fuels my soul.

Be Still Tonight

Be Still Tonight 3.33/5 (66.67%) 3 votes

Be still tonight oh my soul.
This night i say!
For i know this too will pass
Even if it tarries but a while.

Be still tonight oh my soul
This night i plead!
For darkness lasts only for a while
By break of dawn I shall smile

Be still tonight oh my soul
For this night i shall rest!
Till the moon fades away
And the sun shines forth her light