“Stars Can’t Shine Without Darkness”

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“Stars Can’t Shine Without Darkness”
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“Stars can’t shine without darkness.”
Then we wouldn’t see their light.
Without the presence of shadows,
they’d never shine so bright.

But, sometimes, the dark can be a scary place
when all you can see is pitch black.
Just remember the dark is a temporary state.
The light will always come back.


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Everyday I struggle

Everday I question

What’s wrong with me?

How can I be anyone with this weight on my shoulders.

The guilt of being a nobody.

Because society says I am.

I’m nobody

A nobody that destroys relationships.

Throws away money

Buries us deeper until there’s no where left to go.

Why was I taught to be worthless.

Taught to be materialistic

Not love myself

Not love another

Hate everyone

Hate this world because of

Who I am

My choices

This storm that rages on

When will it end?

When will I see the light at the end of the storm…

Wings of Love

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Wings of Love
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Many of us has fallen into a vicious cycle of greed

where we lose our humane way of living.

Even in tiny corners of life where we have to bleed

in order to cover all of the unfortunate misgivings.

We are here to love and care for all to see,

yet why do we forget like the passage of time 

as if we are too worthy, too important to be free,

and dance under heaven’s tears with a chime? 

Though I guess our wings are long gone

into bottomless pit of the dark sea,

where the endless sky cannot reach dawn

since we can no longer carry love through our plea.

But I hope someday new wings will sprout

and heal those broken limbs on our backs

so that one day we may learn not to doubt

but rid of this greed back to the void of black.

I’m so tired of you

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I’m so tired of you
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I’m tired of you
So damn tired of you
Sick of your head games
Sick of looking at your face

I just want you gone
I don’t care how
Get hit by a car
File the divorce papers
Blow your brains out
I don’t care as long as your gone

I used to love you
Now I can’t stand you
Your smell is nauseating
Thinking of being with you
Makes me want to vomit

I can’t wait for this all to be over
So I never have to look at you again
Everything about you irritates me
And not in a good way

Love has turned to hate
Desire has turned to repulsion
Affection has turned to despising you
Care has become apathy

I don’t wish you well
I just wish you gone